Thursday, April 14, 2022

Young women, please pay attention...

I had a bizarre and troubling experience today. I was driving down the street and realized that I had forgotten to send an important email, so I saw an opening on the side of the road and pulled in to compose it safely. I saw that there was a young woman in her 20s standing there looking at her phone. 

As soon as I pulled up the curb and put the car in park, she walked up to my car and opened the back door and prepared to get in!

I immediately said, without hesitation, "Oh sorry, this isn't an Uber!" and laughed nervously. She was aghast and apologized profusely and stepped back. Not 15 seconds later another vehicle pulled in behind and she got in and went in her way. One presumes that this was her ride-share.

Besides the hilarity and startling nature of the experience, I was incredulous at the carelessness and trusting nature of this young woman. She just decided to get into the back of a total stranger's car without even knowing who was driving or whether it was the ride she was waiting for.

I wanted to find her and explain that, when you take an Uber, or Lyft, or whatever ride-sharing service you have chosen, you are getting into the personal car of a total stranger. You are not taking public transit, you are not getting into a are stepping into a stranger's private vehicle. You need to check the license plate, check the make and model, confirm the name of the driver, and only then make the choice to get into the car.

Ladies, please, this is how you get hurt. This level of carelessness and blind trust is how so many women find themselves in terrible, harmful situations. It's not a good thought, I know, and I wish it were not so. But my god, you need to take better care. I feel good that this young woman was clearly oblivious to her potential risk likely due to the fact that she had no previous experience that would have made her suspicious and cautious. 

Thank the gods that she got into my car, the vehicle of someone who has no ill intentions and wants everyone to just be safe from harm.

It could have been worse. Much worse.

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