Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Visiting Anna Rose for

Recently I had the absolute pleasure of visiting Anna Rose at her dungeon to film some clips for To my delight, I had discovered she lived only a few hours’ drive from me and I immediately reached out to her to inquire about her dungeon. After a few weeks of friendly chats, we scheduled a weekend and I crossed the border to go see her.

I arrived at her house, and was warmly welcomed by Anna. Once I had loaded my gear into the house, we poured a drink and chatted for a bit on her deck overlooking the ocean. The view was spectacular and the weather was perfect (a rarity in our part of the world for May).

Once we had finished our drinks, she led me downstairs to the dungeon. I knew even as I walked down the stairs that this was going to be something special. The smell of latex that filled my nostrils as I entered the main area invoked feelings of intense pleasure and anticipation. I then found myself surrounded by the most amazing bondage and fetish gear I have ever seen. My eyes could barely process what I was seeing as I took in the many, many rubber and steel contraptions, equipment, masks, restraints, gags, tubes, hoses, rubber clothes and all manner of kinky apparatus. This must be what Heaven looks like for a rubber and bondage fetishist, I thought. Checking to make sure I hadn’t died and gone to the perverted afterlife, I was shown a secondary room with even more equipment, including the bed I would be sleeping in for the next two nights. Imagine that - sleeping surrounded by the most amazing kink equipment you have ever seen, breathing in the sweet ambrosia of rubber, staring at the device you would be put into the next day for some rubber torment.

We eventually went back upstairs to drink some wine. We went to bed feeling no pain.

The next morning I woke up in the dungeon, at first wondering if I was dreaming, but then remembering the reason I was there. My cock grew in my cage and I got up to have a shower and say good morning. After some coffee and a discussion on what she had planned, I started to get dressed in my gimp gear and she got ready as well.

I must say a huge thanks to @tinyhandstacoma (Twitter) for filming. He did a great job and all of the screen caps that follow are taken from his footage. 

When it was time to film, I sat down in a Style Fetish bondage chair wearing my steel ball mitts and Punitive Shoes pony boots. Anna locked my ankles and wrists to the frame and cinched me back using three seat belt restraints. My thighs were similarly strapped down. I was not going anywhere.

She strapped a steel tongue depressor bit gag deep into my mouth and immediately drool started to flow. Added to the pre-cum already dripping from my chastity cage, my saliva made a bit of a mess. Gimps can be that way.

She unzipped my nipples and teased them for a few minutes, striking them with her crop before clamping them with the clover clamps I had modified for extra bite. She expressed a small amount of shock at how tight they were. Not every day can you impress someone like Anna Rose! Taking a rubber cock that would eventually be used again in a similar fashion, she pushed it into my mouth over the steel bit and slowly fucked my mouth.

She had earlier stuffed my ass with another rubber cock attached to a fuck machine that came up from below. Taking the controller, she activated it and stood back as the device penetrated me relentlessly. 

After she had some fun with my predicament, it was time to change things up. She removed my chastity cage and replaced the steel bit gag with a Hot Steel Toys deep throat pony gag. This absolutely ingenious and diabolical device keeps a rubber dildo sitting just beyond the point where one starts to gag, and can be slid further into the throat using straps on either side. Effective, brutal, incredible. 

Taking a Hitachi, she vibed my cock, teasing me mercilessly while tugging on my nipple clamps. But this was just the beginning. She brought out a Tremblr and amped things up. She slid the sheath attachment over my cock and attached it to the slider that sat in front of my crotch. Hooking up the vacuum pump and turning it on, the sheath slid up and down on the rail, hands-free. She stood back and admired her work. The drool flowed.

Removing the deep throat trainer, she attached a latex face restraint to the rail over my head and slid it back, pinning my head to the neck bolster that prevented me from moving. As the rubber mesh pressed into my face, I felt whatever freedom I had remaining slip away. She then attached another fuck machine to the rail and adjusted it so that my mouth would be penetrated by the rubber cock she had attached to the machine.

Once she was satisfied, she activated the machine and forced me to perform a blowjob. In and out it went, pressing back into my throat, forcing my lips apart and leaving no doubt as to what I had become. My ass stuffed and throat penetrated by machines, I had been reduced to a rubber fuck object. 

After what seemed like hours of torment, she had decided that it was time to conclude the scene. Taking the Hitachi, she vibed my cock and edged me for an eternity. I begged to be allowed to cum and she eventually granted me permission. I felt the orgasm building and focused on the rubber cocks penetrating my mouth and ass and came hard and long. 

She removed my nipple clamps and left me there, panting and dripping. I was eventually released and we cleaned up. 

This was one of the most incredible sexual and kink scenes of my life and I am so grateful for the experience. Anna Rose is a legend, and her skill and equipment is only outmatched by how warm and fun she is. Her facility is absolutely world class and is operated by an elite Dominatrix. 

10/10 can recommend. Life is good, my friends. 

Make sure to watch for the clip on in the coming days! 

Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Consent is non-negotiable in BDSM play

There was a time in my life when I thought that the process of obtaining consent in a BDSM scene meant that I wouldn’t be able to have as much fun. I thought that negotiating a scene and talking about what I wanted to do and what the other person wanted to do was somehow removing the spontaneity of the interaction. I wanted to surprise my play partner with the many demented and perverted ideas I had decided on acting out for the scene. 

This attitude, of course, was full of pitfalls and opened the door wide for a potential violation of any consent I was given, and I unfortunately learned after one session that I had done just that. I found out about it a couple weeks later when she explained to me how uncomfortable she had felt during a part of the evening. I was completely shocked and horrified and spent the next couple years feeling absolutely sick about it. I eventually forgave myself and had decided right after it happened to never, ever allow something like that to happen again. 

So what of this idea that negotiating and consent is somehow taking away from some undefinable magic of a BDSM session? Even if you feel this way (and I intend to argue against why you should), it doesn’t matter. Regardless of how you feel, the person you are playing with needs to know the kinds of things that you, as the top, want to do. They need to know these things so they can tell you in advance if something is a trigger, or too scary, or beyond the scope of their limits. The mistake I made was thinking that this conversation took something away from the eventual performance, like peeking behind the curtain at a play. But it doesn’t have to be.

I liken the negotiation and gaining of consent before a BDSM scene to a server in a restaurant describing to you the various dishes in a chef’s plate meal. You are fully aware of what is coming, and can let the server know right away if there is something that you might find distasteful, or even if something might trigger an allergy. But does this in any way make the food less delicious? Of course not. There is still so much opportunity for mystery and surprise when you get the food. You know the type of dish and the ingredients, but how the chef (or in our case, the top) decides to combine these elements into something wonderful is totally an example of their talent and art in action. 

Plus, talking about the things you want to do or experience with each other before a session can be super fucking hot. It’s a form of foreplay, and a way to get the creative juices flowing. Often times the bottom will have ideas of their own to enhance the top’s plan or even surprise the top with wanting to take something even further. You’ll never know until you talk about it. 

Now, the people out there who intentionally violate consent or totally disregard its importance are just plain assholes. Or even worse, they are harmful. Mistakes happen and sometimes lines get crossed, and I think we should all try to cut someone some slack for something that was not intended (if there is clear remorse and an apology) but even this has its limits. Some infractions go too far, and ultimately it doesn’t matter how sorry someone is if they clearly violated someone’s consent and harm was done.

So, just get it into your head that negotiation and consent is absolutely mandatory and that you cannot play without it. Even people who have played together for years sometimes fuck up. Just because you think you know each other well, you can never assume that you can disregard proper negotiation. People change, limits change, nothing stays the same forever. 

So, become – and stay – safe, sane and consensual. And keep it sexy. 

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