Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Thoughts on enforced chastity

Recently I was informed that I was to wear a chastity cage for the indefinite future. The conditions provided by my Owner were thus:

Chastity device should be worn daily and proof of pictures with stamped date and time are required at any moments notice. A key should be given to Mistress at the next meeting. When time are needed to unlock the chastity device, for health purposes, cleaning and unforeseen situations, a detailed text message should be sent. For any other reasons, permission is required. 

This was not the first time that I have been put into a chastity cage, but it has been some months since the last period of lockup. I have been "free" since the beginning of October 2021 (after almost of a year of permanent 24/7 chastity, it was deemed "Unlocktober" for me and I was released, and due to other circumstances I never went back in...until now).

I have been wearing the cage for five days now and I will be handing my Mistress the key tomorrow (which I will discuss furter below). The spare key will be secured inside a metal safety cylinder with a numbered cable lock to prevent cheating. Once the key is handed over to Her, my cock - correction, Her cock – will once again be trapped in a steel cage with no escape. 

I am wearing an excellent example of perverted engineering, the Rigid Chastity Model 05 Modular cage w/ PA hook. Made in Poland, it is extremely comfortable and safe, and is an incredible value for the money (compared to other much more expensive North American devices). Their customer service leaves a lot to be desired, and there are many threads on chastitymansion.com complaining about the opaque communication and painfully slow delivery times. However, they eventually deliver and the quality is top notch. Absolutely no complaints. The PA hook which prevents pull-out is absolutely ingenious and makes removing the cage totally impossible without the key or by destroying the cage (which would be a shame, to say the least). In my opinion, any chastity cage meant for strict control is absolutely pointless without a PA piercing and security solution. Without a PA, one can just pull the penis out of the top of the cage when flaccid and masturbate or whatever the slave wants. It can be fun for light play and good if the slave is unable to touch the cage, but for 24/7 unsupervised arrangements, it is amateurish at best.

After I got my Prince Albert piercing in November of 2019 (a procedure that was filmed and posted on Twitter and, at last view, had received 9.3M views...yes, that's million), I stretched from a 10 gauge, to an 8 gauge, and finally a 6 gauge captive bead piercing over a period of about 10 months. Then, in September 2020, I was locked into the cage by my mistress at the time. It would not come off for another seven months. I was given a three-week reprieve, and was locked back in again for five more months. This took me to the Unlocktober freeing mentioned above.

It's quite an experience to not have the ability to touch your own body parts, least of all your privates, and the discomfort every time I get an erection is something that definitely takes getting used to. It is the worst at night, when uncontrolled (and previously unnoticed) nocturnal erections start waking you up in mid-slumber. Experience teaches you how to mentally talk yourself down (literally) and then roll over and go back to sleep (or get up to take a pee). I am usually only woken up once per night, and after a few weeks of wearing a cage I can usually sleep straight through until the morning. When I was first locked in the cage at the very start, I woke up 2-3 times per night. But eventually I got used to it.

During the day, I only notice the cage when I become aroused, or when I need to pee. I have to sit to urinate as the direction of my pee is uncontrollable and I would end up spraying all over the place. Some cages have a urethral insert for better aim but those are not sanitary enough for long-term wear. 

I am fastidiously clean when the cage is on and, unlike many wearers, do not need to remove it for cleaning. I have a system where I scrub the inside of the tube with a tiny, soapy toothbrush while in the shower, and use a chopstick to pull the penis away from the edges to allow water in to rinse. I am able to shave my genitals with the cage on and prefer to be clean in this way for aesthetic reasons. It always smells nice and I have never had an issue with unpleasantness while caged.

The sensation of an erection in a chastity cage is a combination of frustration, discomfort and arousal. The pressure of the penis engorged with blood straining against the confines of the cage is intense at times, with the feeling that one's testicles are going to get pulled off by the ball catcher ring around the scrotum. 

Each pulse of blood and every attempt to pull off the cage (a totally futile activity), is a reminder of being owned, of being trapped and imprisoned inside a jail containing the one thing that makes you a man. When a Mistress puts a cage on Her submissive's cock, She has declared much more than Her control over his mind and body. She has staked Her claim on his sexuality itself. And once you control a man's sexuality, you control everything. 

For a submissive male, this feeling of being owned can be intoxicating. For a true bondage fanatic, it is the next best thing to being bound 24/7. The cage is a reminder that someone else controls their sexual life, and only She decides how and when he feels pleasure, or if he feels anything at all. 

They say that you don't really miss something until it is gone, and the first time your cock is taken away by your Mistress, it's something you don't easily forget.

A locked-up male who is dependent on his Mistress for release is a very well-behaved, docile, obedient creature. He is helpless against this power and, if She is a true Dominant, his subservience in this regard is a drug that never abates.

I don't know how long I will be kept in the cage, or whether it will ever come off. It is in my Mistress' hands and is Her decision. There are likely going to be periods when I need to remove it for safety or sanitary reasons, and She may remove it for humanitarian or merciful reasons (or just to play with Her toy). 

Only time will tell.

Until then, I remain securely locked and under Her control, which is the best place a submissive can be. 

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